Thursday, 23 February 2017

February 23, 2017

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

We've had a first! Well, actually, at least a few firsts for us since we moved over to Christ's Church Cathedral.

My emailed grocery list to Tuesday's 'shopper' went awry, so we arrived with recipes but no food.  (Happily, Food Basics is just down the street.)

All the eggs that were cracked for the meatloaf contained twins. Oy, the cholesterol count !

Our guests numbered over 100 (100 exactly.) There was not a drop, crumb, or empty appetite left anywhere of all the pea soup, meatloaf with mushroom sauce, hot veggies, pasta and bananas!

The warm temperatures this week are setting records. Don't dial back your warmth:guest ratio. They can handle it!

So, not sure if a 'shehechiyanu' is warranted, but go ahead, you deserve it!


February 15, 2017

Hi all

Everything was delicious!! soup to desserts.  One of the 80 guests who hadn't been with us for a few weeks declared, "I just remembered how much I appreciate you guys. There's no place like this OOTC."  Sweet Potato & Red Lentil soup, Southern Fried Chicken, Lasagne, Salad, Brownies with Valentine icing, and their choice of a box of chocolate covered almonds or a Caramilk bar, full-size not those teaser Halloweeners!

After we closed up, I took a homeless man shopping at Giant Tiger. Gotta say, for 8 or 9 years, off and on, Johnny has been around to entertain us with his Kansas City, MI accent, further affected by his alcohol infused breath,  6'5 frame, and flamboyant personality. Bought a comforter and shams with pics of wolves, a pillow, stretch pants for layering and four pairs of thermal socks. We both agreed that dusty rose is a G-d awful colour on any skintone and that G.T. is the bomb!  He was going to 'sleep' next to our CCC which is his parish. Derek, the building manager has granted him permission.  He was afraid of the cold but more fearful if a drunk would come along and beat him up. In the morning, Johnny would hop on a SOBI bike to the Wesley Centre where he'd grab a delicious OOTC breakfast. Did you know that low-income people can grab a bike for free with just a slight time restriction!  All in all, Johnny Rotten (his name for himself)  just can't behave!!!! Banned from the shelters for 2 weeks.  Our shopping spree was not at all awkward but I did ask him if he thought that his life might turn around with some help.  He looked me in the eye, and the for the first time ever, with a serious wide-eyed stare, he said, "Why would I ever set myself up for failure again?" Now, I'm used to people answering my questions with a question. After all, I am Jewish.  But it doesn't make Johnny's future rosy, not even dusty-rosy.

Questions for the cooks:  Who would like to  grocery shop for next week, or the week after?

Comments for everyone:  the daycare that occupies the kitchen really really needs us to avoid using their property unless it is put back perfectly. If you're one of our final shift members, please ask if you're unsure of an item or it's resting place.   Every crumb must be cleaned, every garbage/green bin/blue bin bag put out.  Her job and licence depends on us and her work day is made more difficult when she has to search for things or clean before she begins her day.  Sorry. It's reasonable and she requests all of this with respect and patience and believes in our cause very much.

Finally, thanks for making everyone's Valentines Day very sweet with your positive attitudes, smiles and acceptance.