Thursday, 23 February 2017

February 23, 2017

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

We've had a first! Well, actually, at least a few firsts for us since we moved over to Christ's Church Cathedral.

My emailed grocery list to Tuesday's 'shopper' went awry, so we arrived with recipes but no food.  (Happily, Food Basics is just down the street.)

All the eggs that were cracked for the meatloaf contained twins. Oy, the cholesterol count !

Our guests numbered over 100 (100 exactly.) There was not a drop, crumb, or empty appetite left anywhere of all the pea soup, meatloaf with mushroom sauce, hot veggies, pasta and bananas!

The warm temperatures this week are setting records. Don't dial back your warmth:guest ratio. They can handle it!

So, not sure if a 'shehechiyanu' is warranted, but go ahead, you deserve it!


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